Time for a quick rewrite because life has changed beyond all recognition in the last three years! Then, I was a London-based Marketing Director, and Mum to Joe, a drop-dead teenaged boy with Aspergers, a heart of gold, and the kind of brain that can use ‘doxastic’ in everyday parlance.

Today, I am a stay at home fortysomething living on the Wirral with my partner Jon, and twin girls, Charlotte and Romilly, born in March 2012, and Joe is at Nottingham Uni. I am due to start an MSc Psychology conversion myself next Autumn, and am in the meantime about to start volunteering with Addaction in Liverpool and helping out at St Catherine’s Hospital in Birkenhead, all with a view to then undertaking my Clinical Doctorate and becoming a practising Psychologist. Oh, and a bit of writing too!

So it’s second time round on being a mother, and having a career. And, given two husbands have been kicked into touch, third time round on that front…All this means is I am blessed to be able to put hindsight – occasionally – into action.

I started this blog with the best of intentions. Partly because maternity leave was (whisper it) a slightly painful and highly boring limbo and there were only so many back to back episodes of The West Wing a girl could watch. Partly because I thought it would be a useful discipline for me: keeping my brain whirring, reminding me amongst the nappies and the nursery rhymes that things like keyboards existed. Partly because it would be a record of the twins’ early years to look back on (I get terribly mixed up trying to think 18 years back and what Joe did when).

And a whole heap because, when we stopped a-quivering after the initial shock of discovering not only was I pregnant at quite the worst possible time, but that there were TWO in there, it was surprisingly difficult finding advice, insight and help. The incidence of twins and multiple births is on the up – helped by the fact we’re breeding later, the rise of IVF and also just the fact that modern medical care means more of them survive. There ARE some key differences to pregnancy, childbirth and rearing multiples vs singletons (and not all of them bad!) so I do hope I can help shed some light.

Likepeasinapod is about all things practical, and sometimes philosophical, about the business of twins, teenagers, parenting, careers, starting things over and, well, life in general.

PS this photo was taken late August 2011 in the Galapagos, when I was, unbeknownst to us, two months pregnant. And I thought the glow was the setting Pacific sun…That’ll be the last holiday for 18 years then.


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