Twins in the Sticks

Just a quick one: can you sign this petition please?

Rural bus campaign

This poor twin Mum has come under a load of flack for this campaign, mostly by City Folk who don’t understand, or the disabled, who are mistakingly thinking this is a Minority A vs Minority B battle. Being disabled and trying to use public transport is sh*te; having infant twins and trying to use public transport is sh*te. If we joined forces, given we have the same request – physical and emotional accommodation of our needs, in order that we don’t become housebound and our mental health suffers accordingly – then things might actually change.

I have every sympathy with her. I had no idea how tough things would be when we moved up to the Wirral, which ain’t exactly the Faroes…

There have been a lot of quite London/big city-centric comments in the criticism of her campaign, with people ‘helpfully’ suggesting she walk/fold her buggy/get a smaller McClaren/wait for the next bus/ask passengers to help. But out in the sticks, if we get turfed off a bus, you sometimes have to wait 24 hours for the next one! There aren’t necessarily loads of people on board to help. I often share the bus with a couple of elderly ladies with walking sticks. I can’t use footpaths as they are narrow and not continuous. The roads are hedged, twisty, hilly, country lanes, not the South Circular. And yes I have got a McClaren too – for when we’re in town on flat roads. The 360 Nipper, which the petitioner has, copes much better with country terrain. The McClaren just gets stuck, or you can’t push/turn it, and it is impossible on hills when you’ve also got the twins’ weight to deal with. The 360 ‘folds’, but still takes up an area roughly the size of a small village, so it’s hardly worth it.

And that’s not to mention the sheer logistical danger of trying to hold two wriggling babies/toddler heffalumps whilst folding the buggy which, unlike a single, you can’t do one handed.

I’m very lucky in that I can now drive, which has revolutionised our lives (and I’m not exaggerating) but before then we were often housebound, and that’s really hard, both logistically, and also in terms of your mental health.

So, please sign. Let’s try to get it over the 1000 threshold today so that people have to take notice.

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