Sisterly love

This post from fellow twin Mum Trouble Doubled worries me. It worries me a lot!

Sisterly love

Will do update soon I promise when I emerge from the maelstrom of shower wastes (who knew you needed one and it doesn’t come with the tray, as if someone would have a shower tray and NOT need the water to disappear), trying to ensure my son is not without wifi for a second, workmen wrangling, being able to do the Ikea/B&Q/John Lewis driving circuit in my sleep, and working out how the blazes I do this whole house moving thing without melting, Wicked Witch style. I actually dreamed of bathroom tiles last night. They were quite nice ones.

Suffice to say R can stand unaided for FOUR MINUTES but is still not propelling herself forwards, and C’s new words are cuckoo and PIE (we have discovered pork pie, we are happy about this).




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