Sofa, so good

Call me Mrs Judgy Pants, but I am a tad concerned about a family the twins and I know.

I know dirt is good and all that, but IN MODERATION. The children are positively encouraged to jump in puddles and are permanently mud-splattered. The little girl – maybe 4? – is a self-entitled little MADAM. She is bossy beyond belief, has verbal diarrhea and runs roughshod over her little brother. He is cowed into silence and his obvious discomfort is evident by the fact he bursts into tears at the drop of a hat (usually by his sister, on his foot). I think he may have a touch of the SNs. He is surgically attached to his dinosaur, almost as if he’s using it as a defence against the world?

The father is obese, and everyone treats it as a JOKE. It’s not. What sort of example are they setting for the children? It does seem to be having an impact because the little boy hardly eats at all. Not even lettuce.

Daddy is also the perennial butt of all humour and the mother seems to encourage her children to call him silly. I just don’t think that’s healthy. Where’s the parental respect? Talking of which, the children are offloaded onto the grandparents on a daily basis. Unpaid, and unthanked childcare.

Don’t even get me STARTED on the complete lack of booster seats in the family car and the fact it seems to be missing a roof.

And this family’s daily exploits are relayed to us every day on the reality show that is Peppa Pig. Shocked and appalled…

Yes, the girls (and possibly even the Mummy) are officially obsessed with Peppa. Throughout the scrape with death that has been the Slapped Cheek Virus, Peppa has kept us sane. Sort of. I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover a) there is an actual Peppa Pig World and b) it is within an easy drive of the grandparents!!! That’s next summer sorted then.

I do think it’s been one of the things that has (relatively speaking) helped ease the girls into Nursery – they have a gigantic Peppa mural and a complete set of cuddly figures. So they can’t be ALL bad.

On which note, the kind folk at Argos have just sent us a Peppa Pig mini sofa.

??????????????????????????????? I cannot tell you what a success this has been during The Great Plague. They even love the box! It has pictures! It took me all of a minute to blow up. It comes with a cosy cover (I’d been worried it would be like those plastic Simpsons chairs and they’d just slide off, but it’s exactly like a normal sofa).

???????????????????????????????We have been relaxing on it to watch more Peppa, with our snacks and drinks and our very own remote control to hand (and how brave are the girls that despite being Just So Very Ill they are still managing to shove down elephant biscuits). It has let me have some precious moments of quiet (when I am not considering calling Social Services about the Family Pig). I’m also looking forward to them having their first friend over for a sleepover as it folds down to make a little bed. Perfect.

???????????????????????????????It normally retails at £29.99 and I think would make a lovely Christmas present. I’ve got my eye on some of Argos’ other Peppa toys, especially the hair set (given how many hair slides we seem to lose on a daily basis), and I think the travelling colouring book might serve us well when we fly off to Portugal again next year.

???????????????????????????????Now all that remains is to see whether our own Daddy Pig can actually fit on it. Charlotte most graciously permitted me to sit next to her yesterday and given even I was half on, half off..!


This post was written in collaboration with Argos. 

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