Milk Snatcher!

Not a proper post today BUT…

On the very day that The Great Milk Snatcher dies, the supermarkets are taking away baby milk! Sainsburys, Tesco et al have just announced that customers will be limited to TWO tins of formula (we’re on Aptamil) per shop, because people have been bulk buying for unofficial export to China, where there’s a high demand for Western formula. They want to make sure there’s enough to go round, says the charitable institution that is Tesco.

Well, two tins is not enough for twins. We get through between three and four a week. Which means I either need to go through the whole palava of getting twins dressed, out the house, up the hill, and braving Romilly’s Tesco-induced tantrums TWICE each week. Or I need to pay for online delivery twice.

Am going to email TAMBA and Sainsburys as, benefit of the doubt, this is an unintended consequence. But beware the wrath of a multiple Mum if I find otherwise!

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