Different Strokes

I’m following some other twin blogs, and two posts this week have got me thinking.

One is about twins being left out of playdates:

My children and I haven’t been included in this play date club yet, and I’m starting to wonder why? I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be the “TWIN FACTOR.” Let’s face it who in their right mind would offer to take two children back for a play date?

Part of me is starting to worry about this little problem. The girls have already started coming back saying someone is going to someone’s house to play. I’m sure it won’t be long before they start asking “why is it not me?”

I suppose most mums think it would be rude to ask one twin and not the other! And in all fairness I guess they are right. Also I’m not really sure how the girls would feel themselves about being split up, or about the other being the “chosen one.”

Read more…http://twinstiarasandtantrums.com/the-play-date-dilemma/

I’ve been warned about this already, especially in the context of children’s parties. What do we do if one twin’s invited and not the other? Is it cruel of the other mother? Or would it be crueller on her child to foist someone they don’t like on them? And what to do with the one who’s left behind? Have a special party of our own so they don’t feel left out? Or is that leaving them ill prepared for the fact they WILL be left out of the other’s life along the way? Answers on a postcard.

The second is a bit of an opposing view to my ‘Open Letter’, which assumes that they will be kindred spirits throughout their lives, purely by dint of having been womb-mates for almost 9 months. This mother argues that twins are no more likely to love each other than normal siblings, and that it’s society that creates the whole Twin Thing; they’re assumed to be close because they always are physically close.


I was talking to my GP about this today because I’m taking Charlotte there next week (‘twin’ problems of a perenially gummy eye, and projectile car sickness whenever we’re on a country road, a bit of an issue given we live in the, er, country…) She assumed I was bringing Romilly too, I said no, but then realised this would be the first time Charlotte had been out on her own. Weird…

Well, I suppose time will tell. But it does impact on eg househunting. Should we assume they’ll share a room? Will they thrive on/insist at being in the same school class or should we separate them?

Anyway, far more interesting than that, aside from Lord Murray of Dunblane’s performance today (we’ve got the haggis butties a-ready for Sunday), is that Daniel Craig – yes, that’s right, DANIEL double oh heaven CRAIG who grew  up in ‘West Kerrbeee’ down the road – is hopefully going to read from Casino Royale at the Liverpool Literary Festival I’m helping with. Now wouldn’t it be nice if he and Rachel Weisz had twins and they could all play together. There’s a playdate I’d insist everyone was invited to, especially Mummy!

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