Yeah, well, mine are better

Apparently some royal Danish twins have just turned one. Pah. Mine are much prettier – not that I’d mind if one of them got hitched to Vincent. Think of the twin insights they could share; think of the multiple Noma meals Mummy could enjoy…

However note to self regarding the value of professional photography. Yes, we too can be one of those families with the stairs plastered in black and white arty pictures OF THEMSELVES.

Last night’s hot date was marvellous. I had oysters! Steak frites! And then got stressed about getting back in time for the 10.30 feed so we missed cheese…We are making up for this today though by taking the girls to their first Cheese Shop to pick the owner’s brains about a potential dairy-related venture. More on that anon. But it is my dearest wish that, unlike their bro, they grow up loving the stuff. Know Whey will I have more children who run screaming out of the room at the merest hint of fondue.

On which note, Fiona has utterly terrified me with the ‘fact’ (she claims) that once you’ve had twins any other pregnancy has a 90% chance of being multiple. Not that we’re intending to have more. But this is further ammunition in my campaign – Jon just has to go and live in another country and I will see him again after The Change. It’s for his own good…

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