Dump and Run

Well, the Health Visitor – WTAF? – post seems to have struck a chord.

In fairness to her, I think it all started to go wrong when she was outlining the many child activity programmes the proud borough of Peckham had to offer (all for toddlers, all following the one child per adult rule, DEEP BREATH) and she mentioned ‘Stay and Play’. To which Fiona asked whether there was a ‘Dump and Run’ alternative. HV gave a thin smile and said ‘we all have different senses of humour, don’t we.’

This is not unlike Jon, when the Paediatrician was checking the twins in the hospital, and asked if I had taken any drugs during pregnancy, saying ‘what about the cocaine darling?’

Cue doctor asking ‘what???’ and Jon backtracking with ‘am only joking, sorry, we had coca tea in Peru, it’s got a really small amount of cocaine in it…’ Doctor asks ‘how much exactly?’ OH GOD we are going to be here for hours, am kicking Jon and grimacing for all I’m worth…

Anyhows. Mildly exciting news is the GP has finally agreed I can stop injecting myself, which is handy, as I stopped last Friday anyway. I have left a message for the HV asking her not to come back till we’re signed off with the midwife as there’s no point them doubling up (brave, no?), the girls have had their first manicure at Salon Fiona (I have drawn the line at piercings which Joe suggested as a way of telling them apart), and the midwife visit went well because they’ve put on even more weight.

In fact, Rumbily has put on 9 ounces, so is now 6lb 2oz, and Charlotte has gained 4, so is 6lb 10oz. What’s funny is that, as suspected, Rumbily, despite being lighter, is taller. Well, longer if you will, seeing as she can’t actually stand up.

Looks like she’s taking after her tall and willowy Mum then 😉

No pics today because until they actually DO something am aware there are only so many shots of two heads snuggling in a basket you can take (on that note, someone asked me whether it was a ‘New Age Thing’ having them sleeping together! Er, no, just what every twin book recommends – including Cruella herself, Gina Ford – because they’ve been doing it for 9 months! And they’re tiny! And, critically, it saves on laundry…)

So, instead, for the 2% of the population who haven’t seen this, a brief snapshot of what the next 18 years holds. Times two.

1 thought on “Dump and Run

  1. Love Fiona’s comment and so pleased she appears to have been a really good match for you, Jon and the girls. You must be feeding the girls “gold top” they are doing so well weight-wise! Am getting adept at transferring pics from blog to “My Pictures” and love the one of the twins in their jackets – thank you so much for taking it.

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