148 nappies down…

Which could’ve been worse as we were forecasting 10 a day each, but still. Have got it down reasonably pat (apart from when they decide to show off mid change how good they are at abluting, bless their little cherubness) and the exciting news is that they have graduated from the (very expensive) premature nappies onto normal Pampers.

What with that and the fact we already have the first pile of clothes that are too small…they’re practically off on their Gap Year.

I can’t see many ways of making nappy changing more streamlined, once you’ve got your changing table all production lined. What I DO challenge all inventors out there to work on is the Layzee Ladyee Breastfeeding Cushion, for the tandem feeding of twins. So, I have one of these:


Which is all well and good. But the problems are manifest:

1. You still need to support their heads with your hands to get them at the right level. Hands of which you only have two.

2. There’s nothing to tie them on so if you manage the rare feat of being able to lift each of them up and position them single handed, one could roll off while the other is latching on.

3. This also applies to winding. You cannot lift one into an upright position and burp them without either lolling their head around or the second twin coming off.

4. MUCH more importantly, there is no way of reaching the remote or one’s drink. It is this that panics me about solus feeding. What am I going to DO? If the TV is stuck on the cricket (as strangely seems to happen a lot in this house) then I will be doomed to watch. It has to be said that Fiona is not best skilled at fast forwarding through the Junior Masterchef Australia ad breaks and has had to be reprimanded several times, but still…at least she’s here! What happens when she goes? Nightmare.

Breast feeding cushion manufacturers reading this (who are legion, I am sure), please invent the following:

  • A groove in each arm of the cushion to position the twin in, with straps to keep them securely fastened.
  • Said groove to have within it a platform, and then for there to be a handle on the side so the baby can be cranked into a more upright position for winding/bottle top ups.
  • Hooks/velcro to stick muslins (Charlotte in particular resembles a milky volcano when eating).
  • Critically – pockets on the front which include space for the remote(s), bottles, and a cup with an extra long straw so you don’t die of thirst.

Alternatively you could just get a Dad 😉

Talking of Auntie Fiona, here she is. Everyone should have one. I might keep her on afterwards, as the babies aren’t the only ones in this house who need burping. Provided she gets a bit sharper on the remote control, that is 😉


Oh and we have instigated a Daddy’s Swear Box/Disney Fund. Current total is £2.47, which is odd seeing as it’s 20p per bleeper. Which is worse? Creating a oh-no-not-in-front-of-Granny-first-word-is-blue situation or short changing the overpriced hot dogs fund? I is torn…

More gratuitous bath pics. Charlotte first, then Romilly just a-snoozing. Considering they have a massage after the bath, then a nice warm drink, before being tucked in for the evening…I have spent a fortune on spa visits that are nowhere near as satisfying, frankly!



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