Photo Fest

Today’s blog is heavy on the photos and short on the text because things are, like, hectic this weekend. Though fortunately Jeremy Kyle and Junior Masterchef Australia are not on, so that saves some time…

Here is evidence of how hard Jon is finding everything: you just don’t have any downtime.

So, news from the Peckham Front. We have been OUT. Into the world which exists outside the front door! We had a walk through Peckham Rye itself (soooo much nicer than Clapham Common, fact), played fantasy house buying and had a cup of tea in a rather nice deli. I am proud that Charlotte and Romilly’s first trip out took them to a purveyor of cheese and cured meat, long may this continue.

I then went out THAT SAME AFTERNOON and walked up Lordship Lane to buy a mop. My life rocks.

AND we have started sitting out in the garden of an afternoon. Check out the Astroturf. Our landlord is WEIRD. Why would you do that? I have to hoover my lawn!

And then last night Jon and I went out for a hot date to where I had melted goats’ cheese with honey, a platter of cured meats, a rather nice rose wine, and basically pretty much everything I haven’t been able to eat for yonks. We made a pact beforehand that we weren’t going to talk about the babies. So we spent the duration talking about the babies.

Other musings. What are midwives and health visitors for, exactly? I had a phone barney with the HV who wants to visit on Tuesday at exactly 2.30pm. She needs to do this because her targets are to visit new Mums within 14 days and that’s obviously the cut off point. She doesn’t work Mondays. Her diary is full on Tuesday. My problem? I do a feed at 2.30pm and pointed this out…(GOD I must be a complete nightmare client for all these people, but we will have visited the GP that morning to get me taken off the EFFIN’ injections which are agony to administer now that the swelling has gone down and everyone takes them for a week – anti clotting – but the mentalist hospital pharmacist has given me a 6 week prescription; the midwife comes on Wednesday; exactly how much intervention do I need and…what does this COST the NHS?)

I said no, she stropped, she said she had to; I said, legally, no, it’s at my invitation. We have compromised on her coming as far before 2.30 as she can but then we will sit and talk whilst I am feeding and she cannot touch them after they’re done and I’m putting them down. Her reply was ‘I just need to see them’. Presumably to check I haven’t smothered them. Why do people like me get bullied, and not the ones where the babies are genuinely at risk and it would make a difference?

Hmm. Anyhows, Joe continues being brilliant although is still avoiding bath time after they screamed their heads off the last time. Am hoping we can get him doing the post bath massage this weekend.

And – oh happy days – I am back in normal pants AND for the first time in about 6 months can look down and see both my feet and, now, the scar. Would that Grazia could pap me and caption ‘Helen almost back in shape only 10 days after giving birth’. So vain…but it helps. The post birth pics were so hideous with my face and whole body so puffy and swollen; it’s nice to feel normal again and back-in-jeans good. I am adoring being the twins’ Mum, but sometimes it’s nice to be Helen too.

Only slight downers have been both Charlotte and Romilly vomming for Britain, and the latter having an eye infection. Fiona (now absent as it’s the weekend, panic!) is sure this is just them clearing out their tummies post-womb, but we’re monitoring. Really hope it’s not reflux, but they seem absolutely fine otherwise so hopefully not. For Romilly’s eye infection it’s just cleaning and then breast milk, but if anyone has any tips that would be grand.

Finally, the Fredster has also recovered well from his Op. He had his check up today and has been given a clean bill. The telling sign, unfortunately, is how much more interested in the twins he is.It’s tricky because the constant fear is he’ll scratch/smother them, so am always booting him away, but on the other hand, when they’re mobile, he’s going to be The Most Exciting and Cuddly Toy Ever, so don’t want to turn him off completely.

Right, after promising a short one, have wibbled again, soz. BLT beckons (keeping up my calorie intake, I’m soooo selfless). Couple of random but lovely pics:

My fat little Buddha. And Charlotte.

To end with a quote (YES my literary brain still works amongst the milky and emotional gush):

“Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart – oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape – of your sister.”

Katherine Mansfield

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