Falling in love again

Babies are an awfully nice way to start people off, I think.

Especially mine who are, without a doubt, the best ones ever created. It’s an evolutionary thing. You may think yours are nice but, really, no. Mine win.

Apologies for going off grid for a week, but we have been a tad busy. Birth story to follow when I can steel myself (it’s a bit of a shocker) but for now just to say, in no particular order:

Everyone must buy these auto swaddle blankets for the lazy. Even Jon can use them. And they’re very cute.


Their fingernails are 2mm long. I know this because I have measured them.

Charlotte, older by one minute, and the one who was hogging all the space inside and is bigger as a result, is already exhibiting head girl characteristics and has hockey player thighs. There is some concern she also has her father’s chin. I am choosing to ignore this, for now.

Romilly is the Pippa to Charlotte’s Kate, is noticeably trying to catch her sister up, has lost her cord already, and is just a bit cheekier. Plus she snorts like a piglet.

For the moment, they can be told apart because Charlotte is bigger, but this will probably change. Cunningly, Romilly has a sort of ‘frilly’ top to her ears, frilly rhyming with ‘milly’. Every time Jon gets it wrong he claims he was ‘just joking’; we know different.

Joe is being a complete star with them though given this includes some of the girls from his school wanting to come and visit, am thinking he might be using the twins as something of a calling card…

We have got them into a 4 hour feeding pattern, and they feed together. You have NO IDEA what a relief this is – had read so many horror stories about houses with twins being turned into 24 hour dairies. We even survived the clock change (try puzzling that one through with a hormone and painkiller addled brain!)

That said, breast feeding sucks. More of that in a later post, when we have it – and not just my nipples – cracked. Despite which, both ladies have put on weight! It’s normal for babies to lose weight after birth so this is jolly exciting and I have bemoaned the fact that Jon has still not presented me with a ‘top dairy cow’ badge.

The girls and I have decided 5 would be the best age to make our first visit to Disney World and the Bibbity Bobbity Boo Boutique where they can be styled as the Disney Princess of their choice.

The one downer really has been poor Fred who out of everyone has been left out. So much so he has developed a horrible mouth condition and yesterday had some teeth out. Fred is a cat by the way; not a neglected toddler. But he seems much better now and his MO of wary curiosity with the twins – he just gazes at them – continues. Just wait till they’re at tail-pulling age…

We are very VERY lucky in that Jon’s parents’ present to us is the lovely Fiona, a maternity nurse who is helping out for a couple of weeks, and then will give us some nights off for a few weeks more. She’s obviously a huge help practically but I think the greatest gift is confidence – the things you might fret about as a new/out of practise parent and get a bit precious about are dismissed, usually with the answer ‘oh, just squirt a bit of breast milk on it’. This seems to apply to everything; Romilly has just had a dose in her eye which was a bit gungy. TMI?!

Plus she tells Jon off loads…

The girls share a Moses basket at the moment which makes sense – they’ve been snuggled up against each other for 9 months after all. It makes for heartbreakingly cute moments – Charlotte looked like she was kissing her sister yesterday till I realised she was actually trying to feed on her nose.

Anyhows, bovine duties beckon, so enough for now, suffice to say I am utterly, giddyingly, just-sit-and-stare-at-them in love, and will leave you with this thought for the day, from e e cummings:

nothing, not even the rain, has such small hands…

2 thoughts on “Falling in love again

  1. Helen – congratulations!! All sounds so amazing, and enjoying reading your tales. Am treating it as a bit of research as Shona is due in mid Sept (though thankfully the recent scan only showed one). Liking your cat update too – our 7 year old neighbour Amy was round the other day and asked what a “fit” was. Shona explained, and Amy then said “do you think Cleo (our cat) will have a fit when your baby arrives?”. This was quite obviously the classic thing of a young child regurgitating something their parents have said, though I’m yet to confront Amy’s parents with my theory! Anyway, hope things keep going so well, and keep writing.
    Norm xxx

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