I didn’t realise they came with hats!

From the best TV series EVAH made, The West Wing. Which Jon considerately bought me to watch whilst breastfeeding, and I have gobbled instead whilst on maternity leave. My bad. I will now be stuck with Junior Australian Masterchef.

The prickly, purer-than-thou Toby on meeting his own twins:

“You can’t walk or speak the language. You don’t have a dollar in your pockets, but you got yourselves a hat. So everything’s fine.”


On which note, I thought it might be helpful to make a list of what equipment we’ve got in preparation. Not least because, after the event, I expect I’ll be able to reveal that a large chunk of it doesn’t work/isn’t necessary. Seriously though, I have struggled working out what you need two of versus what can be shared, and where you can save money, that being of the essence.


Double Buggy – the 360 Out n About Nipper. Jon got VERY involved in buggy decision making (boys and specs, anyone?) We decided we wanted side by side as the tandem models, which work a bit like a double decker, seem to put one twin in the shade, and then don’t last as long. I will write a review once we’ve used it for a while but for now it seems great apart from one slightly important point – it doesn’t fit through our bloomin’ front door! It’s the narrowest on the market, the width of a wheelchair, and therefore fine for buses, taxis, shops etc…but we seem to have moved into the world’s narrowest house, which means I am going to have to fold/unfold every time we go out. Worried this is going to make me a bit housebound…

Two car seats – Maxi Cosi with base so we can graduate as they grow. Again, width was important so I can squeeze in between them.

Both buggy and seats were bought new as the former gets a lot of wear from double the weight, and for car seats you cannot know if they’ve been in an accident.

Two babyslings from Jon’s sister who sells them in India.

Oh, and new car too 😉 Given we’re going to be transporting twins, me, Jon and then taking Joe up and down to Uni, an Audi convertible wasn’t really going to cut it. So we have a Ford S Max in exchange for Jon’s dignity.


Feeding sofa and cushion. An Ikea cheapie for me in the nursery. Trying to grapple with two babies, having safe space to lay one down, and stay comfortable for the 10m hours I imagine it will take, a normal chair just wouldn’t cut it. The cushion is a huge wrap round thing with straps to lay the twins on in a sort of underarm rugby hold. We will see. Donated by one of the ladies from the local Twins’ Club.

Cot(s). The Amelia from Mamas and Papas. Bought for £55 on eBay (SO happy with my inner Scottishness on that). Including mattresses which people say you should get new but they have plastic covers so can’t really see the issue. Have only erected one as the advice is that they sleep together for the first few months. Certainly, they’ll be of a size too, plus they’re used to being snuggled up next to each other in utero, so.

Two Moses baskets, donated by a friend with twins. Don’t know yet whether they’ll share or not. I imagine they’ll have their daytime naps in the baskets and also it means they can be put into the night nurse’s room when appropriate.

Two bouncy chairs, secondhand from the twins’ club, and a double size playmat, bought new. Am assuming these will be a daytime hangout; let’s see!

Bedding – because it’s a bit up in the air about whether they’re sharing or not, have probably over catered here. 6 bottom cot sheets, 6 top sheets, 6 thin blankets and 2 thicker ones. 4 Moses sheets, 6 Moses blankets. All new.

Nappy bin, laundry basket and changing station and top and tail bowl, borrowed from family (but with new changing mats).

Two bath seats, so we can do them at the same time – secondhand.

New baby monitor. Only the one because of co-sleeping.


I am hoping to breastfeed both for up to 6 months. The chances of this happening are about the same as Joe making me breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, but let’s see. It’s hard enough as it is (I lasted 4 months with Joe, we were both pretty poor at it and he was losing weight) let alone when you have two to feed. And if I don’t get them feeding simultaneously, well, I estimated I’d only have an hour between feeds to do little things like, you know, wee.

The maternity nurse (who’s worked with 30 sets of twins) has warned me it’s likely we’ll have to do a combination of breastfeeding, expressing and her doing the feed, and then some formula. So am covering all the options:

Double electric breast pump. I am a cow, hurrah! I have just said goodbye to any sexual mystique I may ever have retained. Maybe if things gets really bad I can branch out into cheese production. To go with this, bottles and freezer storage bags.

6 bottles for formula (will get more if we end up going down a purely formula route as that just won’t be enough for twins).

6 bibs


And for me, to add to the general allurebreast pads, nipple cream, nursing bras x 2 and am also trying some of those vests with secret support. No idea how these will work with two latched on; I suspect I may end up just doing a Sam Fox and feeding in flagrante (Joe’s going to love that, not).

All of these have been bought new.


6 hats – HATS!

6 cardigans

2 jackets

4 pairs mittens

About 27m babygros and vests (got some bags of clothes from eBay and the Twins Club)

4 cute outfits for the Grandparents!

2 sleeping bags and 2 swaddling-made-easy bags sort of things

And that’s it on the clothing front. Not actually that much because the problem you will find with twins is you simply don’t know what size they’re going to be. Average is 5lb, a lot are a LOT smaller, and you don’t want to have reams of clothes you never use. Hence just getting the assorted bags on eBay. That’s not to say I’m not now paranoid that we haven’t got enough…will have to keep a watching brief on the laundry cycle and whether we ever run out.

Same applies to nappies. The smallest size you can get in the supermarkets is just too big for really wee babies, so I have a selection of special Prema nappies from Amazon, as well as standard newborn.

Hope this helps! I think it will be very illuminating to see what does and doesn’t end up getting used…

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